About Herbissima

Founded in 1988, Herbissima is a leading supplier of aromatic and
medicinal herbs in France. Combining ancestral traditions with modern
technology has been driving our success for over 30 years.

Our 35 employees serve a number of international clients, from major producers and distributors to smaller brands in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

IN 2017:

A turnover of 8M€
2000 tons of herbs processed

We provide a full-service offer, from sourcing to packaging
of 150 aromatic and medicinal herbs, both conventional and organic.
We also provide custom R&D services to create original and tasty mixtures for well-being, health and pleasure.

A Reliable Partner

Over the past thirty years, we have developed close partnerships with our providers worldwide to meet the ever-increasing quality standards and to ensure against supply disruptions.

Herbissima HSN

In 2017, we joined the HSN Group, specialized in essential oils & herbal medicinal products, thereby strengthening our purchasing power and network.

Herbissima Storage

With 9,900m2 of covered facilities, we have substantial storage space for both raw and finished products, allowing for reduced delivery times.