Our production facility is located in Vaison-la-Romaine, a beautiful
rural area of southeastern France, where we process several thousand
tons of organic and conventional herbs every year for our clients in
food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.




We work closely with French farmers to promote locally grown herbs, such as mint, lime tree, lemon balm or fennel. Other premium-quality herbs come from their origins in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America.


We only work with providers who meet the required safety standards in terms of the use of pesticides. Specific storage and sorting areas are dedicated exclusively to processing organic herbs, within the norms of the IFS certification. 


Herbissima Products

We provide with a wide range of plants, both conventional and organic.
We also have the ability to source other herbs on an international scale to answer any type of request.

Herbissima Cut



Sorting, sizing, granulation and cutting.


During the production process, we use the HACCP approach for risk assessment
and quality management to protect our products from any biological,
chemical and physical hazards.


Our certified tracking systems are designed to prevent confusion
between different batches, from the initial arrival to the plant, though the transformation,
and up to the final delivery.

External Audit

Our products are analyzed and controlled by accredited laboratories
to meet international norms and required specifications.

Herbissima Products


In-house equipment

Our clients can choose between two world class, industry-approved decontamination methods.

Biosteam ®: decontamination via dry saturated steam, with zero chemical or radioactive substances, particularly adapted to cold-brewed teas.

Spirajoule ®: thermal decontamination via continuous atmospheric pressure.

Private label


Upon request, we provide custom cuts and packaging.


Infusion cut (0.2-1.8mm):
standard paper teabags


Medium cut (0.8-4mm):
silken, crystal, pyramid bags


Large cut (1-10mm):
metal box or paper bags of 100-200g


Capsule cut : Nespresso-compatible capsules


Contact us to know more about the minimum order quantity. 
We’ll analyze every request and get back to you with a custom solution.

Herbissima Products



Our R&D specialists constantly analyze market trends and customer expectations to provide you with innovative products.


Working hand-in-hand with our clients, as well our business partners from the LPPAM pharmaceutical laboratory, we develop bespoke herbal mixtures combining taste, quality, health and well-being with herbal teas, scented teas or medicinal plants mixes.