We care about tomorrow

Historically a family-owned business,
we continue to care deeply about our heritage.

Responsibility for future generations is engrained in our way
of thinking and every-day decision making.

A responsible partner

We hold a number of industry certifications, such as Ecocert, IFS and
Fair Trade, and promote sustainable development through our
economic, social and environmental policies. 

At Herbissima, we strive to preserve nature 
through innovation and collaboration.

Herbissima Innovation


Continued efforts to rethink and redesign our production processes
to ensure that our resources are used optimally and responsibly. 

Adoption of innovative recycling processes such as repurposing herbal waste for uses in biodynamic agriculture.

Investment in environmentally friendly equipment such as electric forklifts to reduce noise and electricity needs.

Herbissima Collaboration


Long-term relationships with our business partners to build on mutual trust and better ensure that our herbal raw materials are grown, harvested and transported in ways that protect and conserve nature.

Trust and support for our employees through building a fair, pleasant and healthy working environment, creating career development opportunities, offering trainings, incentives and rewards.

Education of business partners and the general public through cultivating knowledge about organic products, integrated and sustainable farming, and their impact on nature and the future generations.